5.2 km from Roxburgh via Teviot Rd

Freedom Camping & Overnight Campervan Parking - Maximum 3 night stay


Self-contained motorhomes only

Great picnic area

Safe Swimming

Open fires are not permitted

About Pinders Pond

Pinders Pond is man-made and looks more like a small lake. As well as its significant history, Pinders Pond is a popular picnic area with safe swimming and plenty of room to freedom camp. Set amongst pretty trees and hills, this is a must-see when you visit Roxburgh. The pond is very sheltered making it perfect for kayaking with the kids or taking stunning photos of the reflections on the lake.

There is a strong gold mining history in the area, and evidence of this can be found at Pinders Pond on the eastern side of the Clutha River.

Pinders Pond is the site of an old hydraulic elevation pond (dredge hole) managed by the local council as a recreation reserve.

If you’re biking on the Clutha Gold Trail plan to make a stop at Pinders Pond, it’s a great place for a rest.

History of Pinders Pond

John Ewing emigrated to New Zealand from Scotland in 1863. He soon had large mining interests around St Bathans, north of Alexandra. Around 1902, he moved to Roxburgh, forming the Teviot and Molyneux Gold Mining Company, and conducting sluicing operations at Pinders Pond. He died from prostate cancer in 1922.

Gold had been discovered at Roxburgh in 1862, when Andrew Young and James Woodhouse were crossing the Teviot Creek at its confluence with the Clutha River. While drying their clothes they passed the time panning, discovering gold. There was a short-lived gold rush estimated at six hundred miners, then in the 1890’s and early 20th Century a lot of gold dredging.

How to get to Pinders Pond

Located just off the Teviot Road only 5.2 km from Roxburgh town or 11.9 km from Millers Flat. If you’re heading from the South along highway 8, cross the river over the historic Millers Flat bridge and drive up the Teviot Road. If coming from the North, cross the river at Roxburgh and drive down Teviot Road. Pinders Pond is well signposted with easy access from the main road.

If you’re coming by bike on the Clutha Gold Trail you’ll bike right past it

Map of Pinders Pond


Where to camp at Pinders Pond

As you drive in from the main road you’ll be on a gravel road. You can go to the left down the hill to the main camping area or go right to the more secluded spots. If you have a big motorhome then go down to the left where there is plenty of room. If you take the right side there are some lovely spots for a campervan or tent with awesome views of the lake. It’s a bit further away from the toilet, but to be honest, it’s not that nice anyway, if you can bring your own this would be much better.

If you go into the big main area and drive right to the end, there are some lovely quiet spots hidden away under the trees. Or just park up anywhere in the big space and enjoy the whole area.

Best time to visit Pinders Pond

Without a doubt, the best time to visit is in autumn when the trees are changing colour with their reflections on the glassy lake are just stunning. It’s also nice and quiet at this time. Summer is obviously great for swimming but the camp area can be very busy.

Other things to note

» No rubbish bins, please take your rubbish with you

» Chemical toilet – only 1

» Big area, plenty of room although it can get very busy at holiday time

» Very easy access from the Clutha Gold Cycle & Walking Trail

» This site is available for short term stays only. Site rules and length of stay are monitored and enforced.

» Are you Self Contained? A self-contained vehicle must meet the national Caravan Self Containment Certification standard. You’ll need to be able to live in it for 3 days without getting more water or dumping waste. It must have a toilet, fresh water storage, wastewater storage, and a rubbish bin with a lid. A plumber or gas fitter needs to check if your vehicle meets the requirements. If it passes they will give you a warrant and sticker certification to display on the front of your vehicle and the rear of your vehicle.

» Photos are original and taken by us in November 2019. Please contact us if you’d like to copy them.

Drone view of Pinders Pond

Contact info

Pinders Pond, Otago 9572, New Zealand


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