About Lake Roxburgh Village Reserve

During construction of the Roxburgh Hydro Dam in the 1950s, the Roxburgh Hydro Village was a thriving township in it’s own right.  Home to the thousands of workers on the hydro scheme and their families.

Schools, shops and businesses all contributing to the lively village atmosphere that existed.  Recreation spaces for residents an obvious necessity the Lake Roxburgh Village Reserve being the largest and most popular.

Nowadays, the Lake Roxburgh Village Reserve still exists providing a well loved recreation space for local residents and the many visitors to the Roxbugh Hydro Village.


Sports area

Picnic Table

Great picnic area

Tennis Court

What are the facilities at the Roxburgh Village Reserve?

There is ample green space for play or exploration, as well as a children’s playground. Are the kids making too much of a racket? Then set them free on the tennis court located in the reserve.

Outcrops of schist rock and mature trees offer the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of this landscape.

If you feel like a stroll, drive across the dam to the eastern side of the river where you will find the start of Commissioners Track. This walk will take you to a lookout overlooking the dam, with breathtaking views of the Teviot Valley.

Where is the Roxburgh Village Reserve located?

Lake Roxburgh Village is located at the base of the Roxburgh Dam alongside the beautiful Matau-Au, the mighty Clutha River.  An easy ten minute drive north from Roxburgh.

The Lake Roxburgh Village Reserve is situated in the heart of the Lake Roxburgh Village and is signposted from the main highway.

Contact info

Lake Roxburgh village Reserve Fruitlands-Roxburgh Road, Lake Roxburgh Village 9571, New Zealand


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