11 Abbotsford Street, Roxburgh

Open Saturday and Sunday, 2pm - 4pm

Closed for the winter but can be opened at any time by request

Looking for an interesting way to spend an hour? Take the family for a visit to the Teviot Museum.

About the Teviot Museum

The Teviot Museum is located in what was originally built in 1872 as the first Methodist Church for the district.

Inside you will probably meet Robin Christie, local historian and volunteer enthusiast. Robin can tell you many different stories about the history of the Roxburgh township, the people who live, and have lived here, and the events that occurred over the history of the area that have shaped the town, making it the wonderful community that exists today.

On entering the historic building that houses the museum collection, you will be transported back in time. Back to the era of the mid 1800’s when the township of Roxburgh was bustling with the excitement that follows the discovery of gold in the area.  Through to the days when pastoral farming and fruit growing became established, then ending the historical journey at the construction of the Roxburgh Hydro Dam in the 1950s.

The museum is run by a Committee of dedicated volunteers who curate and care for the multiple collections held both within the walls of the museum, and outside in a covered courtyard.

Where is the Teviot Museum?

The Teviot Museum is located at number 11 Abbotsford Street.

Traveling through Roburgh township towards Roxburgh Hydro, on the main road, Abbotsford Street is the next left past Roxburgh Supervalue.

What time is the Teviot Museum open?

The Teviot Museum is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-4pm from Labour Weekend until late May.

Other times by appointment, or by calling the contact number 03 446 8130.

Contact info

11 Abbotsford Street, Roxburgh 9500, New Zealand

Sunday 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Saturday 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Local time 11:13pm


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