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Roxburgh Guide Directory Showcasing the Township in Central Otago, New Zealand

The Roxburgh Guide is the only comprehensive directory that showcases everything the beautiful Central Otago township of Roxburgh has to offer. A guide for travellers and holidaymakers, a directory of services for residents, a showcase of shops, businesses, crafts, artists, Roxburgh Dam, Roxburgh Gorge Trail, Roxburgh real estate and more.

Protected by the magnificent Mount Benger range, the fascinating township of Roxburgh sits peacefully in the heart of the stunning Teviot Valley in New Zealand’s Central Otago.

Find out more about Roxburgh’s climate which features glorious summer sunshine, along with cool and clear winter crispness. Roxburgh is more than just a summer taste extravaganza. Add scenically stunning cycle trails, cafes and restaurants that delight the taste sensation, gift shops, craft shops, artists, entertainment, historic buildings and remnants of days of the Central Otago gold rush era, the list of interesting distractions and things to do in Roxburgh is immense.

Featuring a range of Roxburgh accommodation options that will tempt and please your budget, Roxburgh presents an idyllic holiday destination option or perhaps you’re looking to move to the best kept secret in New Zealand. 

Roxburgh property is still very cheap compared to the rest of the country, why wouldn’t you want to move here!

Top reasons to visit Roxburgh town

Glorious summer sunshine, along with cool, clear winter crispness. The Roxburgh area is renowned for being the fruit bowl of Central Otago. Enjoy stunning cycle trails, cafes, historic buildings and explore remnants of the Central Otago gold rush era.

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